Be careful: loaning a motorcycle in Thailand

Be careful: loaning a motorcycle in Thailand

Thai news has recently reported on December 6, 2018 the new form of non-standard loan industry has beenlaunched to deceive people with a good credit to buy a motorcycle with 15,000 –20,000 Baht in exchange then get them to notify the insurance company for missing reimbursement.

Reported from aprivate hospital in Bang Phli District, Samut Prakan Provnice, CCTV camera caught the moment that a young woman rode a very brand-new, popular motorcycle without plate to the hospital’s parking lot. A security guard found the woman suspected after she has done this habitually with the different brand-new motorcycles, so he caught her and seized her on time before calling the police.

From checking the parking area of ​​the hospital, the police officers found four new motorcycles without the ownership documents. The woman said she was not an owner. So the police extended the result until the new woman showed up claiming that she was the owner of one motorcycle. The police decided to detain both women with 4 motorcycles and were brought to Bang Phli Police Station for further investigation.

The woman caught by the security guard admitted that she was not the owner of themotorcycle she rode. She was only hired to ride a debtor’s motorcycle to parkin the hospital for 1,000 Baht / motorcycle. She also told the police she was once one of the debtors who was seduce by the creditor to take this job with an offer to open the new bank account, ATM card and phone for work.

The ATM card was only to withdraw money for the debtors who wanted toget a loan and buy a new motorcycle for 15,000 – 20,000 Baht in exchange. The process was to find victims with good credit to buy new motorcycles. When the victims did, she would call the creditor for scheduling how to pick up the motorcycles and manage to pay them in cash. After that, she would ride them to park in thehospital, then few days later, there would be someone to come get motorcycles.She confessed she never met the creditor, only contacted him via the phone call.

Both women being interrogated are going to be released soon as there is nothing wrong and no complaint so far. However, since this kind ofnon-standard loan is going wrongly every day, the investigation will have to becontinued to disclose the whole process.